About Us

Solid Investments Group (SIG) is a high-level, global, cross-cultural facilitation firm providing a multifaceted service that caters to discerning international clients.

Our Fields

SIG works in the areas of strategic investments, management, marketing, branding, real estate development, as well as cutting-edge technologies. We identify and implement the processes required to enhance investments and revenue for the different stakeholders.

Our Goal

Our goal is to facilitate the identification of innovative solutions for private companies, foundations and governments, while maintaining the social responsible model at the forefront of all of our endeavors. We orchestrate win-win solutions through strategic business consultations for an exclusive Rolodex of international clients looking to bridge geographic and cultural gaps.

Our Methodology

Distinguished clients turn to us because they appreciate our intercultural outlook of the world, and rely upon our experience-tested values and talents. They return to us when they experience the outcomes of our services and recommendations that invariably prove meaningful and prosperous for all stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

We know how to harness the power of understanding cultural and political nuances in high-level business environments. Our professionals bring forth years of experience managing complex business agreements involving multiple international players by bridging the gap between the idiomatic and cultural differences that often compromise success, with an innovative, client-centric and socially responsible model.

Tell us what you need and consider it handled.

Our Team

As a service-oriented company, SIG is comprised of multilingual and multicultural professionals with extensive interpersonal skills and international business experience in exclusive cultural niches located in profitable geo-economical hubs.

Our team of experienced international power brokers has led the management, structuring and execution of multi-billion dollar international contracts. At SIG, we work directly with high-level officials, high-caliber sovereign investors, fund managers, public and corporate entities, as well as private individuals in need of strategic partners to complete bankable, high-level projects.


Our mission is to generate win-win outcomes that are socially and environmentally responsible by employing a solution-focused approach, coupled with human-based values.

Our role is to assist in the aligned transformation and evolution of the clients’ desires and objectives.


“Those who have the capacity to make a positive impact on the world, have a responsibility to do so.”


To be a world-leading solutions provider, while operating from a place mindfulness, social responsibility and integrity.